that captures carrier performance, identifies routing challenges and spotlights opportunities for savings

that leverages data to secure the greatest rates from multiple carriers, including regionals

that reconciles invoices against manifest data and carrier contracts to ensure
you get 100% of

that streamline operations and supports the DNA process for savings of up to 17%

ShipDNA provides the complete solution

ShipDNA brings more than 35 years handling critical shipments for some of the worlds largest industrial brands to a proven solution that now works to optimize fulfillment operations for virtually any company.

The unique, scientific approach starts with DATA – the lifeblood of any organization and foundation to shipping improvement.  Here, ShipDNA conducts a detailed analysis of each step in your supply chain execution process to document inefficiencies and identify potential savings.  Beyond carrier rates, ShipDNA examines business rules, handling procedures and data management to ensure the best results.  More.

The ShipDNA approach continues with NEGOTIATION – where comprehensive data analyses go beyond simple gains to focus on weight, class, service level , zone and lane optimization for real savings.  Here, ShipDNA provides the tools and resources to negotiate with multiple carriers on your behalf.  More.

With negotiations complete, the ShipDNA approach concludes with AUDIT – where an invoice and item level reconciliation process eliminates erroneous accessorial fees, and ensures that you receive negotiated discounts.  Here, ShipDNA provides everything you need to implement auditing procedures and continually monitor carrier performance.  More.

To maximize savings opportunities, ShipDNA also provides a single source for multi-carrier, enterprise  SHIPPING SOLUTIONS, including all of the software, training and support you need to completely optimize fulfillment operations.  More.

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Start saving today

free, full circle assessment

There’s never been a better opportunity to learn how much you can save with this unique analysis.

Beyond carrier invoice review, ShipDNA examines your entire fulfillment operation – from order origination, through packing, rating, manifesting and post-shipment data management.

In each step, the Full Circle Assessment identifies particular inefficiencies and opportunities to reduce labor, material and transportation expenditures.

This comprehensive assessment also includes an actionable roadmap you can use to implement recommended solutions, including new business rules, fulfillment practices, carrier services and more.

Within 30 days of engagement .you’ll learn everything you need to start saving – even if you choose to work independent of ShipDNA.

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